Easy Vehicle DIY Repairs You Can Do Yourself

What happens when an issue or problem crops up in your vehicle? Several people will answer this question by saying that they will take their vehicle to the nearest repair shop and ask their mechanics to diagnose and repair any malfunctioning part, after mentioning any kind of symptoms they felt. After all, it is better to leave vehicle repair jobs to people who actually know how to work on vehicles.

While this may seem fine for most people, you really shouldn’t take your car to a mechanic each and every time you find an issue with it. It can be quite hassle, as you may find that you will have to do several trips because you cannot find a mechanic who is free to work on your car. Furthermore, the additional labour costs will add up over time, while you are busy finding ways to decrease your living expenses day by day.

This is why you should at least try a few repair and maintenance jobs by yourself. While major work like a full car windscreen replacement is better left for a professional to ensure complete satisfaction, the following are simple jobs that you may want to try doing right at your home:

Changing the Air Filter – Your vehicle’s air filter will need changing every once in a while. This is perhaps the easiest maintenance job when it comes to vehicles, and most mechanics won’t even charge money for it. Nevertheless, this is a good way to start with DIY repairs. Simply remove the plastic housing for the air filter, remove the old filter and replace it with your new one, making sure that it faces the same way. Finally, put the housing in place again and you are done!

Changing Oil – Regular oil changes are important to keep your engine running at optimum conditions. Sadly, many mechanics and repair centres fail to do a proper job when it comes to changing oil, often not pouring enough new oil or using low-grade oils instead of those recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. These issues can all be avoided if you do the oil changes yourself. You will only need a jack, jack stands, an oil drain pan (and occasionally an oil filter wrench) to do this job. It can get a bit messy, but it is worth the trade-off of not having to pay ridiculous sums of money for this simple task.

Minor Windshield Repairs – You can even attempt a few car window repairs yourself. This often applies to minor scratches and surface damage on your windshield only, but it is saved money nevertheless. You are only required to buy a windshield repair kit, which will help in patching up some scratches and avoiding further damage to your windshield and other glass surfaces.

Replacing Headlights and Taillights – Burnt out lights are easy enough to fix by yourself. You will only need to take your old light bulbs to a shop and get an exact or very similar replacement part, which you can then proceed to install by yourself.